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Capturing Robotics in Action

Array of lasers test firearm cartridges for correct powder fill
Large robotic machine for testing firearm cartridge quality

A tray of 500 cartridge casings passes through a maze of lasers which measures whether the exact amount of propellant is in each. Designed and built in Phoenix by Delta Technology, the Powder Detection System sets aside any tray which doesn’t meet quality standards and provides a report for analysis.

A special technique was used to create clarity and sharpness from front to back of the laser detail image. For the photograph of the complete robotic system, right, a background was brought in to separate it from the visually cluttered factory floor where other robotics are being designed and built to order.

Images like these make an impact in PowerPoint sales presentations, brochures, and web pages.


Laird Brown Photography
Images Go BIG

Palo Verde College in Blythe, California, wanted a series of banners with faculty and students holding placards with motivational messages. Last December I photographed some 25 students, faculty and staff and the banners were printed and hung from lamp posts around the campus.

When I returned to the College in April, there were also two billboards in town featuring some of those images.

Whether you are building robotic systems or future graduates, when you are ready to do some marketing, give me a call!

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